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BodyDetox24 is the first available preparation that effectively cleanses and detoxes the body within just 24 hours. However, the beneficial effect of detoxication lasts for several months and the next treatment is usually performed after 3 months.

BodyDetox24 provides 12 active compounds that are a natural source of many substances and vitamins necessary for the proper liver function and effective detoxication. More in the tab → composition and action.

BodyDetox24 increases cytochromes activity in the liver and level of glutathione that pay key role in detoxication. Glutathione is the most important antioxidant of our body, which, among others. prevents tissue damage caused by the released toxins. In addition, it reduces harmful lipid oxidation and has a positive effect on the metabolism of cholesterol and lipids.Taking birth control pills does not constitute contraindication to the BodyDetox24 usage. In contrary, BodyDetox24 cleansing has a positive effect on the liver function that might be weekened by hormonal birth control pills. 

Benefits of BodyDetox24

  • Improves liver function
  • Improves metabolism
  • Is a good start of slimming course
  • Improves condition of complexion and skin
  • Improves general wellbeing

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