Body Cleansing

The environment that we live, work and rest in exposes us to a number of harmful effects. Today's world brings many worries. We are increasingly exposed to environmental polutants: in the air, water, food, household chemicals, cosmetics, drugs and stimulants, etc., detoxification of the body is now more important than ever before.

How do I know my body needs cleansing?

Dr Peter Bennett, naturopath in Langley, British Columbia, suggests that everyone should undergo a cleansing detox at least once a year. However, he excludes pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with serious chronic diseases, cancer or tuberculosis. In such situations, you should always first consult a doctor whether we can carry out a cleansing treatment.

One or more of the symptoms listed below speak for a cleansing detox:

  • Inexplicable fatigue
  • Slowed excretion
  • Skin irritation
  • Unhealthy complexion
  • Puffiness around the eyes and bags under the eyes
  • Allergy
  • Smoldering inflammations
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Menstruation problems
  • Problems with concentration, memory and sleep
How to start cleansing the body?

First, reduce the body's burden of toxins. Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, excess strong coffee, refined sugar and saturated fats, and anything else that acts as toxins and is a burden on the body in the healing process. Minimize the use of "chemical" cleaning agents and "chemical" cosmetics and personal care products (cleansers, shampoos, deodorants, oral hygiene products) in the household and replace them with natural alternatives whenever possible.

Another negative element for regaining good health is stress (especially when is excessed, known as distress).

Why is it worth choosing the BodyDetox24 program?

There are many products, plans and recipes for body cleansing developed according to individual needs. Each real cleansing and detoxification should involve two phases: (1) toxins neutralization of and (2) toxins removal from the body. Toxin removal can be done in the following way:

star-pink   directly from the blood (bloodletting, leeches, hemodialysis)

star-pink   through the skin together with sweat (physical exercise, sauna)

star-pink   through the lungs with expiratory air (physical exercise, hyperventilation)

star-pink   through the kidneys with urine (fluid-induced diuresis, diuretics)

star-pink   through the digestive tract with feces (laxatives, enemas, intestinal lavage)

The liver is the most powerful and regenerative organ of all that are involved in cleansing of the body, which include also kidneys, lungs, skin, spleen and lymphatic system. The detoxification functions of the liver include the neutralization of various toxins, including alcohol and ammonia (conversion to urea), as well as the conjugation and degradation of hormones, the conversion of drugs and various substances, etc.

The active ingredients of the BodyDetox24 not only actively stimulate the detoxification functions of the liver, and support its regeneration, but also have an effective laxative effect and helps toxins removal through the digestive tract.

Phase I of detoxification: includes the processes of oxidation, reduction, hydroxylation, deamination and methylation taking place in the liver. These processes require the presence of microsomal (cytochrome b5 and P-450) and cytoplasmic enzymes.

Phase II of detoxification: consists in the transformation of substances into their glucuronide, sulphate, taurine and glycine derivatives. Thanks to these processes, lipophilic compounds are converted into water-soluble and can be excreted in urine or bile.

How can I support the body cleansing program?

After the cleansing treatment, it is important to follow a few rules:

star-pink  On the day of cleansing, it is recommended not to eat anything for the whole day. If you start your cleansing program in the evening, you can have a light breakfast in the morning.

star-pink  One should not take extra fluids after taking the first Body Detox 24 bag. However, in case of thirst, you can drink warm boiled water.

star-pink  After the treatment, eat very light meals for 1 - 2 days, without fried products, meat, bread, alcohol and sweets.

star-pink  After the treatment, drink plenty of clean water.

star-pink  During the treatment and immediately after it, you must not drink or eat cold drinks or meals, e.g. straight from the fridge!

star-pink  It is worth to maintain a vegetarian diet after treatment for at least 72 hours: only fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

star-pink  It is worth to include foods rich in natural fiber in your diet.

Detoxification in the American Medical History

The medical use of detoxification is not just a thing of the past. Detox protocols are used daily in modern american hospitals to treat ill and poisoned patients. The protocols utilize natural vitamins and nutrients to help the body detox and regain health.


It is well known that alcohol is addictive. This is because alcohol is a nervous system depressant that with chronic abuse will decrease the receptors for the “drug”, ultimately leading to tolerance or the need for more “drug” to achieve the same effect.

Over time, with higher and higher tolerance it becomes dangerous to suddenly discontinue the use of alcohol. This is why there are detox programs and protocols for alcoholics.

To achieve safe detoxification certain medications such as benzodiazepines will be used to stabilize the nervous system, preventing seizures. In conjunction, oral and IV fluids, and B vitamins are administered to improve neurological health and decrease chances of severe complications.

More specifically, vitamin B1, also known as thiamine is commonly deficient in alcoholics due to alcohol’s inhibiting effects on absorption through the GI tract.

It is important to administer Vitamin B1 for proper detoxification and healing, to avoid the development of wernicke-korsekoves syndrome, a neurological condition causing acute and chronic psychological symptoms.

Drug Overdose

Unfortunately, drug overdose is a not so uncommon occurrence in modern day society. Detoxification therapies are frequently used to aid in recovery of overdose.

Although, the detoxification method depends on which drug caused the overdose. Natural therapies are commonly used for effective detoxification and treatment.

For example, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is the known antidote for the treatment of acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose. Administering NAC within 8 to 10 hours of ingestion has been shown to prevent liver failure. (11)

So why is NAC so effective? It is an amino acid precursor to glutathione. The primary antioxidant of the body and essential component of detoxification through the liver. Although, more research is needed, it is thought that high doses of NAC are converted to glutathione and bind to toxic metabolites of tylenol for safe and effective detoxification. (12)


Although generally accidental, poisoning incidents are frequent and widespread. Detoxification methods are often essential for prevention of severe complications.

Again, similar to drug overdose the method of detoxification depends on the poison.

Detox methods commonly include:

  • Hydration (oral or intravenous therapy)
  • Purging of the substance using a nasogastric tube drain
  • Activated charcoal to bind the poison and stop further absorption and damage
  • Antidotes specific to the poison
  • Enemas to help eliminate the poison through the bowels

Historical outline

The idea of ​​detoxing or cleansing the body to start the healing process may be one of the oldest medical methods in human history. Different cultures in different parts of the world have different traditions and ways in which detox is treated as part of a healing ritual, however, the idea of ​​cleansing the body by removing toxins and harmful substances is intertwined with the history of civilization even before this history was written down.

We present the historical and most common methods of body cleansing and detox, below.


Indian medicine Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of traditional medicine, the traces of which can be found several hundred years before our era. Considering toxins to be one of the causes of disease, Ayurveda often relies on detoxification to achieve recovery. "Pancha karma", translated as five actions, is a five-step Aryuvedic detoxification process for regaining health of body, mind and consciousness. Virechan, Vaman, Basti, Rakta moksha and Nasya are the five activities that implement this process, all using different routes/methods of detoxification:

  1. Virechan, means "purgation" or diarrhea, uses powders, pastes and infusions to remove waste/waste through the digestive tract.
  2. Vaman, meaning "vomiting" or vomiting, is the forced elimination of waste through the upper digestive tract.
  3. Basti, meaning "enema" is a method of introducing herbal decoctions and oils through the anus to remove toxins.
  4. Rakta mosha means "bloodletting" and is a method to remove toxins from the blood.
  5. Nasya means "through the nose" is a method of applying specifics in the form of oils, vapors and fumes through the nose.


Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes cupping and acupuncture to regulate energy flow throughout the body. It is believed that these treatments help to cleanse the body of dysfunctional energy flow resulting in mental and physical healing.(2)

These methods are still used today by modern acupuncturist, chiropractors, and even naturopathic physicians.(2) Research has found significant benefit in treatment of many conditions including but not limited to pain, COPD, and Insomnia. (1,2,3,4)

Although more research is necessary to determine the exact mechanism of action, acupuncture and acupressure are shown to have therapeutic benefits due to stimulating the endogenous opioid system, and improving blood flow perfusion of the periphery and organs of the body. (1,2)

1. Kawakita, K., & Okada, K. (2014). Acupuncture therapy: mechanism of action, efficacy, and safety: a potential intervention for psychogenic disorders?. BioPsychoSocial medicine, 8(1), 4.

Turkey and Mongolia

In Turkey and Mongolia restrictive diets were used for days to weeks to stimulate detoxification. Similar to the cleansing diets of today, food containing sugar, salt, gluten, oil, meat, dairy and alcohol were commonly avoided throughout the completion of these diets. (5)

In addition to using dietary cleansing to heal the physical body, these cultures frequently use spiritual cleansing called limpias. Limpias meaning “to clean”, is a ritual utilizing herbs and fruits to purge the body, mind, and soul of negative energies. (5)

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