Flexoprin Cream - Consumer Evaluation

The application test of the Flexoprin Cream was performed in home conditions on a group of 25 subjects – women aged 30 to 67 years old. The subjects were qualified for the test by a doctor who took into account the following factors: age, type of skin and skin problems, the usage of cosmetics and their tolerance, as well as the subjects' intellectual capacities required to correctly evaluate the product and fill out the questionnaire. Furthermore, in order to perform a natural comparative test, subjects who had been using cosmetic creams were qualified for the test. Considering the cream usage the additional factor used for qualifying the subjects for the test was the presence of variety of numerous joint pains and diseases. The applicants group characterized different type of skin; normal, oily, dry and complex skin. The majority of applicants had allergic and atopic skin with sensitive skin.

The Flexoprin Cream was applied once a day for the period of 3 weeks, more often in the evenings after washing and drying skin by gently circular massage motion. Some of the applicants used the cream 2 or 3 times a day due to comfort feeling after the cream application. Besides usage of the Flexoprin Cream neither additional creams nor ointments were applied to the same part of skin as investigated preparation was applied.

The evaluation of the preparation pertained to:
  • » The characteristic of the cream
  • » The effects it has on skin directly after use and after 3 weeks of use
  • » Undesirable effects

The results were gathered by means of questionnaires and a dermatological test. Apart from questions concerning information about subject, such as her age, skin type, etc., three questions were asked, namely: about the direct effect the cream has on skin, about the result after 3 weeks of application and about undesirable effects. In “final comments” column the subjects expressed their final opinion about the cream. Thanks to a correct choice of subjects, the opinions provided were exhaustive and professionally written. Many quotes from the questionnaires were used in the compilation of final results. Opinions expressed verbally were a valuable supplement to the questionnaires.

1. The characteristics of the cream were evaluated as follows:
  • Odor – nice, herbal odor quite intensive, without negative comments
  • Texture – very light creamy simultaneously loose however not to watery
  • Absorption – quick, without viscosity and gloss effect emphasized by some of applicants
  • Spreading – good with slither effect
2. Direct effect on skin:
  • Application of nicely absorbed cream especially into dry skin gives a comfort feeling nice effect of slight cooling the skin
  • The cream does not leave skin glossy nor sticky; clothes can be worn directly after absorption
  • The skin becomes smooth, velvet-like, soft and pleasant in touch
  • The skin appropriately moistened and oiled becomes freshened
  • The cream relax skin tension and dryness after direct washing
  • The cream diminishes skin irritations
  • The moistened and oiled effect stays for several hours
3. The nourishing properties of the cream were more visible after 3 weeks of usage:
  • The skin becomes more moisture
  • Slight oil skin becomes more fresh
  • The skin colour improves
  • So-called “rough skin” and age discolorations’ considerably diminish
  • The cream leaves skin velvet-like
  • The skin becomes more firm and elastic with smoothness effect
  • Skin becomes more soft
  • In case of swelling/irritation skin tension reduces
  • It should be emphasized, that the main goal of test was to observe the cream influence into skin. However, due to the cream recommendations usage, the cream was applied by subjects complaining on joint pains and diseases. During period of application applicants observed pain and inflammations lowering of joints. These signs occurred after different time of Flexoprin Cream usage.
None of the subjects noticed any untoward symptoms. The cream did not cause any irritations, allergies or any other side effects


Summing up the opinion of the subjects expressed in questionnaires, in speech and in the dermatological assessment one can state that the tested cream plays the role of cream improving skin condition. Nice smell with light texture and good absorption gives comfort feeling. After application skin becomes moistened and oiled. Moreover, the cream relaxes the skin and diminishes tension effect. After 3 weeks of application skin becomes refreshed, smooth and lightened. The cream improves skin elasticity and flexibility. Full absorption do not result in bedding or clothes stickiness. The cream is appropriate for all skin types. It does not cause any side effects.

Uwaga! Przedstawiony powyżej preparat jest kosmetykiem. Nie należy rozumieć, że może on zapobiegać lub leczyć jakiekolwiek choroby. Powyższe treści nie odwołują się do takich jego właściwości.